Thursday, October 11, 2012

How Computer Recycling Can Make Your Life Better

Computer recycling has not caught on in Canada or America like it has in Europe, but this is changing as people become more aware of the benefits. There are a number of reasons why recycling is important, but the most important is that the disposal of old and unused computers and other electronic devices is becoming a huge problem.

Landfills are not designed to accommodate the sheer volume of electronic components that are brought for disposal on a regular basis, and these items can leech toxic substances in to the ground. This poses a huge environmental hazard that is impacting many communities, and recycling provides a viable solution that has many benefits that we all can enjoy.

Electronic components are extremely valuable, and many companies are discovering that money can be made by re-processing them and using them in new or refurbished devices. This helps to keep landfills free of various toxins while reducing the amount of raw material that needs to be mined in order to keep up with rising global demand.

There are a growing number of services that pay consumers for their old and unused electronic equipment, and they are becoming more popular on this side of the pond. While they don't pay as much as their counterparts in Europe, this will change as more and more people choose this option instead of throwing their old computers away.

Individuals as well as organizations can benefit from computer recycling, and they represent a great and practical way to raise money. Almost everyone has old or unused electronic devices that are just laying around and collecting dust, and recycling is a great way to get some extra cash while helping the environment at the same time.

Churches, schools and social service organizations are just a few examples of groups that can benefit from participating in recycling programs, and many people are more than willing to donate their items to a good cause. The most important thing to remember is that recycling helps all of us, and we can collectively contribute to making the world a better place by taking the time to properly get rid of our old electronic items.

Computer recycling is a fantastic and often lucrative way to make some extra money, and most services make it easy to accomplish. Learn more about the benefits of recycling and discover how you can make a difference by contacting the right service.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 Reasons to Consider Computer Rentals for Home or Business

You may never have considered computer rentals, particularly for home use. You may already have a computer, or more than one, or you may not feel you need a computer at home if you have one at work. For business owners, you may not feel that computer rentals offer anything you need. It may also be that in either situation you’ve never considered computer rentals and don’t have any idea how they can help you.
Following are five reasons to consider computer rentals, whether you’re a business owner or a home user.
  1. Computer rentals may be less expensive, in the long run, than buying new computers. This is especially true if you upgrade your computer often. With the speed of technological changes these days, it’s very difficult to sell a used computer for anything close to the amount paid for it. If you need to always have the best, fastest and most powerful machine available, computer rentals can give you that without the expense of frequent upgrades.
  2. Computer rentals are often less expensive and less hassle than maintaining your own computer. In many cases, if something goes wrong with your computer, you’ll have to hire a computer technician to look at it and hopefully fix it. If you happen to be very technically proficient this may not be a problem, but if you are not a computer technician yourself and you prefer to spend your time on your business or with your family instead of trying to sort out computer problems, computer rentals can make that easier for you. Most computer rentals include a certain amount of maintenance and repair at no additional cost, and when you do need more help, you won’t have to hunt around to find a qualified repair technician.
  3. Computer rentals let you possess computers you couldn’t afford to buy. This ties in with the first reason for using computer rentals. If you want, say, a desktop-replacement laptop computer, but cannot afford the full cost of such a machine, you can rent it, pay on a monthly basis and have the same quality of experience without the huge upfront payment.
  4. Computer rentals let you have more computers when you need them. This is especially important for businesses. If you sometimes need more personnel, you can use computer rentals to equip your temporary staff, and always have the right number and types of computers.
  5. Computer rentals let you have a computer temporarily. This follows along with reason four, but is especially applicable to individuals. If, say, you’re going on vacation and don’t have a laptop, you can rent one for your trip. This saves you the expense of buying a laptop right before your vacation and the inconvenience of not having access to your email and other computer-related items on your trip.
As you can see, computer rentals are much more versatile and much more useful than you may have realized. In fact, computer rentals may solve problems you didn’t even realize you had. If you are living in Canada and are looking for effective computer rentals then be sure to check out Vernon Technology Solutions

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Compter Rentals Are A Great Solution For Small Business

If a business needs help meeting some its technological requirements, renting computers very well may be a solution to this type of problem. When doing so, a company is able to maintain its competitiveness, because it retains the ability to use technology in its day to day operations. It is important to keep in mind that businesses of all sizes, operating within any industry, can benefit from computer rentals. Below are just a few of them.

Financing a Start-Up

When a person is looking for the financial means to open a business, this can sometimes be very hard. Financial institutions tend to give out business loans only to those with extremely good credit; thus, leaving it hard for those with average or no credit any way to access the money they need to open their business doors. To help avoid such an issue, a business owner should consider renting computers, as this will help reduce the amount of capital that needs to be borrowed. In doing so, a business is also able to avoid making a huge investment, because it will simply pay for its computers by making monthly installments.

There are many options when it comes to renting computers, including those that are on a short or long term basis. Every business should carefully evaluate which computer rental option is a better suit, and which one fits best into its financial budget too.


Businesses are constantly going through evolution in today's society, with some expanding and some downsizing. Any company that finds itself in one of these situations can typically benefit from computer rentals. In the incident that a company expands, more computers can be rented at a fraction of the price when compared to buying them. If a business downsizes, the rental company it is partnered with can help work out a deal in which the company from then on out rents a smaller amount of computers.

Staying Technologically Competitive

With technology constantly evolving in today's society as well, it is important for businesses to use the latest types of computers. In doing so, a business can stay up-to-date with the latest ways to stay ahead of its competitors, and it also helps to enhance a company's operational efficiency. In fact, spending the money on renting computers is one of the top ways to boost profit levels.

Low Maintenance

Businesses that choose to rent computers also tend to stay less stressed when it comes to computer maintenance. Most rental service providers will provide this type of maintenance at no extra charge. In addition, most rental companies provide prompt service when it comes to computer maintenance, which allows a business to continue its day to day processes, even when PC repair is needed.

Test Before You Buy It

Computer renting is also very advantageous because it allows companies to test equipment before they decide to buy it. For example, if a company is thinking about purchasing a new type of computer for each of its employees, it can first choose to rent one for six months, as this allows it to see if its employees will be able to efficiently and effectively work any of the PC’s features.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reasons to Rent a Computer

It’s no secret that computers are such a part of daily life that most businesses and even private citizens would struggle to get by without them.  Most people own a computer these days, and most businesses have several or even hundreds depending on the size of the organization. 

Not a lot of people would consider renting computers, but renting does provide solutions to several different business situations.  Renting computers is cost-effective, it’s easy and sometimes it just makes sense. 

Short-Term Employees

One fact about many types of businesses is that not all employees are hired on a permanent basis.  Sometimes a business needs more help during a busy season, during a product launch or just as part of normal growth.  Whatever the reason, if you are taking on employees that you know will only be around on a temporary basis, renting computers for them is a viable option. 


Corporate training is another area where computer rentals make more sense than buying.  Sometimes, dozens or even hundreds of trainees require a computer for training on a temporary basis.  Looking for deals on computers, buying new or borrowing from the business can be costly and complex.  By renting, you can provide all the training your employees need and then return the computers and move on. 


Business travel is a fact of life for many people, but if you have employees who only travel periodically, renting a laptop for the trip is probably a good idea.  Not every business has employees who travel frequently and not every business needs to buy laptops for when it is necessary. 

Trade Shows

Trade shows and presentations are similar situations to infrequent travel.  They usually only happen periodically, and much of the time you can get by with computer rentals rather than buying computers.  In the past, it was easy to get through a trade show or presentation successfully without a computer, but things are definitely different now.  A laptop has taken the place of folders and brochures and displays, and you wouldn’t want to show your face at a trade show or attempt a presentation without one. 

Regardless of the situation, if you encounter a scenario where you could use one or even dozens of computers, but can’t or don’t want to buy, consider renting.  Find a reputable computer rental business and you’ll always have the computers you need, when you need them.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Managing the Environmental Impact of Electronic Waste

New and changing technology continues to revolutionize the way that we live. A library of information is now available to us with a touch of a finger or a click of a mouse. High-tech mobile devices keep us in constant touch with family and friends. Communities around the world are now connected through social media websites. Rapidly changing technology, however, requires new products and new purchases, and a surplus of outdated electronics has resulted in an excess of electronic waste worldwide.

Electronic Waste in Landfills

In the United States, only around 20 percent of electronic waste, or e-waste, is recycled each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Only around 8 percent of cell phones are recycled. The remaining televisions, computers and mobile devices find their way into landfills and incinerators. Electronics can contain a broad range of materials that can be hazardous to human health, including lead, cadmium, nickel and mercury.

Exported E-Waste

The EPA strongly advocates for recycling old electronics, but not every recycling organization handles e-waste properly. Some companies export electronic waste to countries where the recycling process proceeds in a crude and dangerous fashion, contaminating air, water and soil. Copper wires covered with insulation, for example, are extracted from electronic components and then simply burned to remove the insulation, releasing dioxins into the environment. Cyanide used to remove gold from circuit boards is disposed of like trash.

The Benefits of Proper Recycling

According to the EPA, there is more gold and copper in a metric ton of circuit boards than can be mined from a metric ton of ore. Electronic waste can be a valuable source of precious metals and engineered plastic. Complex electronics can contain up to 60 elements. When existing electronic components are recycled, fewer natural materials need to be extracted from the earth, conserving natural resources, reducing pollution and saving energy. It is estimated that recycling one million computers would save enough electricity to power over 3,500 homes in a year.

In the US, over a thousand cities have set up recycling programs. Most offer electronic waste collection as special events. A wide array of private and public organizations have also established programs to accept electronics for recycling.

Donating Used Electronics

Donating used but still working electronics remains the best option for disposing of electronic waste. Donating not only extends the life of computers, monitors and cell phones but provides a number of social benefits as well. Communities that might otherwise have no access to the devices can enjoy the opportunity to participate in the digital world. Businesses and individuals may also be able to take advantage of tax credits for donated equipment.

According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the US produces around 3 million tons of electronic waste each year. China generates around 2.3 million tons. By donating outdated electronics to people who need them and by properly recycling e-waste, the global village can enjoy the benefits of new technology without harming the environment.   

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Benefits of Computer Recycling

Recycling is a concept and an activity that is crucial to the health of the planet.  Most people realize the benefits of recycling plastics and paper, but electronic recycling is also a massive concern around the world. 

In fact, it’s been estimated that in the neighborhood of 50 million metric tons of electronic waste piles up around the world every year.  Much of this waste is supplied by computers that have become outdated and thrown away.  With technology the way it is, the number of outdated computers will only grow, and the recycling effort will become even more important. 


As with all kinds of recycling, there are many benefits to recycling computers.  Environmentally, keeping old computers out of landfills helps to reduce many different toxic chemicals from leaching into the soil.  Chemicals such as lead oxide, nickel, mercury, cadmium and zinc are all by-products of computers being left in landfills.  Aside from the chemicals, fewer computers in landfills also reduce the amount of overall space that’s needed to store garbage. 

Recycling computers also benefits those who can’t afford new or full-priced computers, because they can often buy refurbished ones at a fraction of the cost.  Many recycled computers are also donated to schools, charities, correctional facilities and other organizations in need. 

What Is Computer Recycling?

Computer recycling refers to the process of refurbishing older computer parts into new parts, as part of a new computer.  The parts of a standard computer that may be recycled include the glass monitor, the CD Rom drive, keyboard, cathode ray tube, the metal from the circuit board, printer cartridges and the copper inside the power cord. 

For the computer owner, the process is quite simple.  All you have to do is take your old computer to a recycling facility that accepts computers, or a refurbishing business that will break it down and build it back up again.  Today, many apartment building and other facilities have specific recycling boxes for computers and computer parts.  This makes the process even easier. 


If you have a computer that still works well and you’d rather donate it, that’s also an option.  So many kids and adults would benefit from having regular access to a computer, and often it’s the organizations that need them the most that don’t have any. 

Look online or ask around to find places to donate to in your area.  Most towns and cities will have at least one drop off place for donated computers.  If you want to donate your computer to a specific school or organization, contact them directly and ask how you should proceed.  With the proper effort, landfills can remain clear and everyone in the world can have a computer to help them progress in life.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Benefits of Computer Rentals

Very few businesses can get by today without having at least one computer and the informational demands of the modern workforce often call for many more. Purchasing a computer is not always required and there are many benefits to choosing computer rentals instead.

A more economical choice

There are many cases in which renting a computer is preferable to buying one. The leasing option is generally more affordable, allowing a business to acquire necessary resources without investing as much start-up capital. Computer rentals can a more affordable option when the business is not sure how many computer resources will be needed. When the company needs more computers, they can be rented on a short-term basis and the number of computers can be expanded when necessary.

When budgets need to be cut quickly, the business can save money by simply choosing not to renew the computer leasing agreement. After the lease has been terminated, the lease can always be renewed again when funds are available and the need for computers is great enough. Budget approvals are usually faster when the budget is devoted to renting equipment, as opposed to buying it.

Fast service

Many computer rentals are delivered the exact same day as the purchase. This is ideal when computers are needed at the last minute for conventions, trade shows and other events. Rental companies can assist in the computer set-up to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Minimizes technical issues

Renting computers also eliminates concerns associated with having old computer equipment, which includes upgrading the computer, dealing with technical issues associated with worn-down equipment and cluttered hard drives and viruses. Computer renters can simply return all of the equipment and start a new lease, which will allow them to obtain new equipment.

Computers can sustain damage at an unpredictable rate, due to variations in how much the computer is used and unpredictable strains that can be placed on the computer, such as viruses and other forms of malware. Businesses often need computers to be replaced quickly and many computer rental companies will provide overnight replacement, ensuring that the company does not experience any down time.

Many computer rentals will also come with dedicated technical support that will assist staff members in setting up the computers and will send maintenance staff over to perform necessary repairs. In some cases, replacing the computer is not an option, especially if the computer contains a large amount of important data, which is why fast technical support is essential.

Maximum resale

Renting is also a more ideal arrangement than purchasing old equipment and attempting to resell it. Many businesses do not know the fair market value for a computer and will not recuperate the maximum amount for the computer. Computer renters have already projected the expected computer depreciation, which is why renting is more economical for a business. Only a portion of the cost of owning the computer is paid for. Selling the computer at a higher price makes it possible for rental companies to keep rates at their lowest.