Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Benefits of Computer Rentals

Very few businesses can get by today without having at least one computer and the informational demands of the modern workforce often call for many more. Purchasing a computer is not always required and there are many benefits to choosing computer rentals instead.

A more economical choice

There are many cases in which renting a computer is preferable to buying one. The leasing option is generally more affordable, allowing a business to acquire necessary resources without investing as much start-up capital. Computer rentals can a more affordable option when the business is not sure how many computer resources will be needed. When the company needs more computers, they can be rented on a short-term basis and the number of computers can be expanded when necessary.

When budgets need to be cut quickly, the business can save money by simply choosing not to renew the computer leasing agreement. After the lease has been terminated, the lease can always be renewed again when funds are available and the need for computers is great enough. Budget approvals are usually faster when the budget is devoted to renting equipment, as opposed to buying it.

Fast service

Many computer rentals are delivered the exact same day as the purchase. This is ideal when computers are needed at the last minute for conventions, trade shows and other events. Rental companies can assist in the computer set-up to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Minimizes technical issues

Renting computers also eliminates concerns associated with having old computer equipment, which includes upgrading the computer, dealing with technical issues associated with worn-down equipment and cluttered hard drives and viruses. Computer renters can simply return all of the equipment and start a new lease, which will allow them to obtain new equipment.

Computers can sustain damage at an unpredictable rate, due to variations in how much the computer is used and unpredictable strains that can be placed on the computer, such as viruses and other forms of malware. Businesses often need computers to be replaced quickly and many computer rental companies will provide overnight replacement, ensuring that the company does not experience any down time.

Many computer rentals will also come with dedicated technical support that will assist staff members in setting up the computers and will send maintenance staff over to perform necessary repairs. In some cases, replacing the computer is not an option, especially if the computer contains a large amount of important data, which is why fast technical support is essential.

Maximum resale

Renting is also a more ideal arrangement than purchasing old equipment and attempting to resell it. Many businesses do not know the fair market value for a computer and will not recuperate the maximum amount for the computer. Computer renters have already projected the expected computer depreciation, which is why renting is more economical for a business. Only a portion of the cost of owning the computer is paid for. Selling the computer at a higher price makes it possible for rental companies to keep rates at their lowest.


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